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Plenary Speakers



Title of plenary lecture


Local chairperson

ISSLR chairperson


(1) Geology (salt deposits, salt mineralogy, brine resources)/Physical geography. (9) Inland lakes in a changing world: anthropogenic and climate change effects on hydrology, chemistry and ecology

Promote a community of shared future in salt lakes and create a large salt lake scientific project.

Mianping Zheng

Hongwei Yin (Monday)


(2) Chemistry and chemical engineering of salt lakes

Mineral precipitation sequences and brine evolution of Asian saline lakes

Marina N. Kolpakova (winner of the best paper award)

Tianlong Deng


(3) Biology

Quantifying nutrient inputs by gulls to a fluctuating lake, aided by movement ecology methods

Víctor Martín Vélez (winner of the best paper award)

Francisco Robledano

Peter Hudson


(4) Microbiology

Carbon cycle and green house gases exchange in saline lakes: insights to microbiota

Antonio Camacho

Aharon Oren


(5) Ecology and biodiversity

Research across scales to understand impacts of salinization on ecology of inland freshwater lakes

Meryem Beclioglu

Rosa María Martínez

Zsófia Horváth


(6) Related natural resources and ecosystem services (agriculture, aquaculture, leisure, recreation and sustainable tourism, health and wellness in saline lakes, etc.)

Natural resources and ecosystem services of salt lakes in southeast Spain: from conventional uses to innovative solutions in the face of persistent and emerging threats

Francisco Robledano

Mª del Carmen Rodríguez & José Álvarez

Egor Zadereev


(7) Conservation, management and heritage. (8) Historical aspects of saline lakes. (12) Cultural and artistic aspects of saline lakes.

The future of Salt Lakes is in our hands: A diverse and dynamic approach to study and protect Mar Chiquita, an immense lake in the heart of Argentina.

Lucila Castro

Katia Hueso


(13) Mar Menor saline coastal lagoon

Katia Hueso

 Zsófia Horváth